Young person shares their experience with the Wolverhampton House Project. 

The House Project: How it helped me

I was a bit nervous at first when I started the House Project, but I already knew what my goals were and what I wanted to do.

The House Project really helped me as they gave me multiple opportunities, if it wasn’t for the House Project I wouldn’t of found out about CLIC ( Care Leavers Independent Collective Forum), they fully supported me throughout the whole time while I was there and since I have graduated.

They’re there to show that they understand where you’re coming from and that everyone has a range feelings and emotions, they help you learn how to cope with those feelings, and what can we do to become a better people by the end of the House Project.

I now support with the new cohort of House Project young people, it allows me to bond with them, and understand how I can support them and help them to succeed during their time with the House Project like I did.

The House Project allows young people to start providing for themselves learning skills that they wouldn’t have learned before. After being part of the House Project I know what it takes to maintain a home and it helps to prevent people like me from not knowing  how to pay bills etc because no one hasn’t taught them.  For example if you’re struggling financially to pay your bills staff will sit down with you and find a way for you to balance things out and what they could put in place or help you.

You are never “moved on” too soon, the staff will wait until that individual is ready to move into their own home for the first time.

It’s also a  safe space somewhere, you can go to if you feel like you’re worried, or you can’t really speak to your friends, family or your foster family and you’re struggling, then you are always able to go to the House Project to speak to someone who is outside and get an outside opinion which can really help you get perspective on things.

I had a great experience with the House Project and the opportunities they have presented me with. It has helped me to gain confidence that I had lost. I was struggling with my mental health, but the House Project made me realise someone does care. They’ll still help you support after you finish to House Project which is quite amazing and shows that they are dedicated to help you throughout all stages of your life.

If you’re still struggling after you move in your flat, they’re always there to help you and provide the best support for you, and for that all I can say that my experience was really good. I’m so thankful to be having my own flat that I work for and having them to support me along the way to get where I needed to get so what I would like to say my experience overall was great!

Quotes from Young people on the project

I started from the bottom & now I’m here. I’m really excited to have my own place & to decorate it the way I want
I feel as though this is a golden opportunity to learn new skills, become independent and take responsibility

My life has been saved and I can do anything that I put my mind to

Since I got my flat my confidence has improved so much, and I finally feel I have my own freedom
 It's an exciting opportunity to enjoy making a house a home
HP has given me the confidence and independence to be a better me

Young people at the heart of decision making

Their collective views and ideas drive the development of all House Projects through the Care Leavers National Movement. They meet on a regular basis to share good practice, talk about and find solutions to any challenges they are facing and to suggest new ways of doing things. They work hard, have fun and their views make a real difference to how young people leave care and move into their own homes.

I wanted to join CLNM to prove to everyone that we are not a stereotype but so much better than that and to improve the lives of care leavers not just locally but nationally as well

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Latest News

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Edinburgh Kiltwalk Fundraiser

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Chester Half Marathon
Chester Half Marathon

On Sunday 19th May over 30 runners ran the Chester Half Marathon to raise monies for the provision of white goods for our young people moving into their first home. Despite the hot weather all 30 runners completed the course raising over £4000 to support young people. Two young people, Kieran and Paris, joined us for their second run in support of their community of care leavers.

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