Quotes from Young people on the project

I feel as though this is a golden opportunity to learn new skills and become independent as well as taking responsibility.
I feel I have achieved confidence as well as being an important part of the team and take part in all of the activities.

Young Person 1

I think it could offer me a lot of things including help being more independent.

It looks like an exciting opportunity enjoying making a house a home. 

Young Person 2

I think it's a really good idea to allow young people to build an environment they are comfortable with, especially when they're at a stage where they are basically alone. 

Young Person 3

Young person's voice is at the heart of all decision making

Their collective views and ideas drive the development of all house projects through a platform called Care Leavers National Movement. They meet on a regular basis to share good practice, talk about and find solutions to any challenges they are facing and to suggest new ways of doing things. They work hard, have fun and their views make a real difference to how young people leave care and move to independence.